Follow the balloon, drawing is fun

Illustrating an artwork is fun and the enjoyment should reflect in what the final artwork looks like.  You can really get a sense of enjoyment in creating a scene, a snippet from life rendered on the page.  For this illustration I really enjoyed capturing in ink the types of character you might see in in a line up, different ages, clothing styles and mood. 

As you can see I like economy in the line, keeping it simple and bold and easy to read. This was for a double page editorial illustration with text to be added on top. It also came with a background variartion showing the scene in context at an airport. 

Crowd Dylan Gibson.jpg
Dylan Gibson Illustration Longhaul.jpg

Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday run a fun weekly challenge to create or submit an illustration based on a weekly subject. The topic ranges widely and its fun to come up with an illustration and get it out there. I'll post my weekly entry on this site and drop by to have a look to see what I've come up with. 

This week's topic is Tattoos.  This is my pen and ink illustration done quickly in felt pen with some bright colours added on PhotoShop, use your shades when viewing!