Follow the balloon, drawing is fun

Illustrating an artwork is fun and the enjoyment should reflect in what the final artwork looks like.  You can really get a sense of enjoyment in creating a scene, a snippet from life rendered on the page.  For this illustration I really enjoyed capturing in ink the types of character you might see in in a line up, different ages, clothing styles and mood. 

As you can see I like economy in the line, keeping it simple and bold and easy to read. This was for a double page editorial illustration with text to be added on top. It also came with a background variartion showing the scene in context at an airport. 

Crowd Dylan Gibson.jpg
Dylan Gibson Illustration Longhaul.jpg

High Seas Adventure

Illustrating a children's story is a joy and a learning experience for me, the process of developing the visuals from character, concept layout to finished artwork creates opportunities to develop my existing techniques or learn new ones.  This process I hope ultimately rewards the reader and fully realises the author, publishers and my own vision.  

I think its very important not to get to caught up in my own style and allow flexibility in my approach as openness and the wiliness to try new ideas can also refresh what you can do as an artist. 

Below is a little example, this illustration was created to primary focus on the characters on board the pirate ship, giving space to each personality.  The children's book artwork was rendered in pencil, I played around with layers adding paper textures to give a watercolour style texture to the colour. 

High Seas Adventure, Dylan Gibson Illustration

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